ABC Gingerbread men!

what would the holidays be without gingerbread men??? and what would i do without these cute cookie cutters from one of my favorite stores Fred & Friends!


sand story.

i saw this video a while ago, and just had to put it up on the blog. it is quite amazing...and wonderful to watch. here is a little bit about it:

Kseniya Simonova is a 24 years old Ukranian artist. she uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and "sand painting" skills to interpret Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII. she won Ukraine's Got Talent 2009, watched by over 13 million people.


apple pies.

i love apple pie. and if i had these, i'd make them all the time.

Apple & Pumpkin Pocket Pie Molds by Williams-Sonoma. you can get them here.



little packages of help. have a headache or a cut? get one of these. aren't they cute! inside you will find a remedy to fix your aliment. best of all, the packaging is all natural and biodegradable. 2 things that are super important to me.

made by the company help. you can get these little cuties here.



have you tried and failed to write notes to yourself on eggs and toast? now you can.

post-it toast-it notes. get them here.

p.s. i don't know why i have a fetish about food shaped post-it notes. guess i'm just always hungry.


because i said so.

i am obsessed with art prints. there are so many i want, and so little wall space in my little happy home. i have been eyeing this one for the boys room. the little one is always having nightmares about monsters. this should do the trick. *wink*

you can get it here. signed and numbered by the artist John W. Golden.


for your burger.

if i could cook, i would want to put my hamburgers in these. especially at a bbq.

real vintage Big Boy burger wraps. you can get them here.


cookie feet.

too bad i don't have a sweet baby for these adorable booties. soo cute you could eat them!

fortune cookie booties that you can personalize with a message of your choice. handmade by etsy seller sushibooties who also makes sushi style ones too. you can get them here. guess what? they have adult slippers too.


missing my iphone.

i no longer have an iphone, it got broken by my sweet husband who was trying to be so nice and fix it's screen. boo hoo! i forgot how much i missed it until i saw this cutie. an iphone stencil. don't know what exactly i'd do with it, but at the same time i like it.

you can get one here.


shoe love.

these shoes are just what i'm looking for. easy to run around in. the perfect tennis shoe alternative. and there is something else that makes them super cool.

what's so cool about them? they are eco-friendly. made from recycled rice bags woven together and the soles are recycled PU and cork. each pair is unique, like art!

you can get them here. they are from Keen. all of their shoe soles are made with keen.cork. renewable, natural and more sustainable. this cushioning is specially molded for outdoor adventures to reduce impact on feet – and the environment. gotta love that.


"colour pencils"

i love this environmentalist art exhibit "Colour Pencils" of Jonna Pohjalainen. an artist from Oulunkylä, Helsinki Finland.

in her work "Colour Pencils" she wanted to show how the art connected with its surroundings and how it changed during different weather conditions and times of the day. she created this piece in 2006.

without sun there are no colours and life!



this weekend i went to the renegade craft fair.  since i took my boys, i didn't get to enjoy it as much as i would have liked. i did however find a couple of treasures and some cool vendors. 

i got this cool rock poster. 

it may seem simple, but it is styled after a this poster issued upon the outbreak of World War 2.

the original poster was issued as a means of allaying public fear. the poster was held in reserve for use only in times of extreme crisis. although thousands were produced, only a handful ever saw the light of day.

i have been planning on getting this poster for some time now to put in my entryway. i love it's vintage charm. but i fell in love with the one this weekend because it will go perfect with the little rock star photo shoot with my boys.  

you can get the poster here.


i actually dream about the candy buffets created by Amy Atlas. no joke.  this talented girl has got to have one of the sweetest jobs.  click here for some pics of these dreamy sweet scapes.


cell phone annoyances.

please stop the rudeness. hand them one of these. cell citation nifty notes. get them here.

*sniff* *sniff*

these little cuties bring me back to my childhood memories. scented erasers in little milk cartons. mixed fruit, strawberry, milk, chocolate & grape. smell them, don't eat them! you can get them here.



one of my favorite online stores has these little cuties. cast iron skewers that look like twigs. you can use them on the barbeque. so much nicer than those bamboo skewers. and you don't have to soak them. they make a great presentation...it's all about presentation.


i likey.

this bike would make me happy.  i can just imagine living down by the beach, pedaling this bike in a crisp linen skirt, my two boys (freshly bathed and hair combed) sitting in the bucket, down to the farmers market and picking up some fresh produce and flowers.

i can dream, can't i?

these bikes are from the company Madsen.  they produce some cool cycles!  they have developed their bike to have a special center of gravity to let you carry cargo easily.  go check them out.

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes


lost no more.

came across these party cups today. i have never seen them before. clever.

Etch-it party cups.  have a place to scratch your name or cool design. now you will never loose your drink!  great for parties and you use less cups. they come in red and white.  you can get them online or at these stores.  you can also get the Etch-it tags for multiple uses.  waterbottles are soon to come in the future.


one of each please.

such creativity. camera and phone shaped cases for your cameras and iphones!  not usually excited about camera cases, but i am now.  

these handmade cases are designed and created by artist Hine [hee-neh] from Vancouver, Canada. she sells them here, but only a handful at a time.  i haven't even been able to get one yet.  but keep checking her store, you may be able to snag one!


only in japan.

when i saw these i decided i had to have them.  i went to get them, only to find out they only sell them in japan.  boo hoo. now if i can figure out how to translate japanese, i could order them and have them shipped here.  

super fun sticky notes in the shape of fruit.  they are made by D-Bros and you can buy them here (if you can read japanese).  in crates of six or individually.

are they cute or what!


wow.  now i can prolong those morning breakfast flavors even after i brush my teeth.  yummy?

breakfast dental floss in the flavors of bacon, coffee and waffles.  get them here.  on sale!  wonder why!


4th of july.

so charming.  i remember making these when i was young.  

{image via}.  go here for directions on how to make them.


see ya soon.

i am off camping in my trailer with my boys and some of my besties....but i will be back soon.

a vintage inspired postcard.  it's made of wood!  and yes...it's green.

update:  we are back.  very refreshed, tan and full of sand.


gurgle, gurgle.

one of these in coral please.  i heart them.  GurglePots™.  water pitchers that actually gurgle when you pour.  love, love, love them.  click here to hear it, and here to buy it.

these gurgling fish shape pitchers have been around for centuries, and now designer Matt Ellison has been able to design one for the now day.  thanks Matt.


painted can.

hmmmm.  i might have to make me one of these (probably in red). the first trash can ever that has made my must have list. 

i found this pic on this blog.  i was just looking through the posts and there it was. *smiling*


it's true you know.

it's always best to remind yourself what is most important in life. you can own a lot of stuff, but all it is is stuff. you can wear designer threads or have a pretty hairdo. but it's only a pretty picture. you know what makes you special. so remember who you are.

this is a limited edition print by the talented artist
Hazel Nicholls of the UK. i have been stalking her art prints for sometime now. simplicity...just what i like. 

cool chills.

one of the best places ever to find cool stuff is Fred & Friends.  i absolutely just love their ice cube trays.  here are just a few of the unique styles they sell.  give me one of each please.


mustache on a stick.

i have had a crush on these mustaches on a stick for like...forever. i think they are super fun and would be great for family pictures and parties and weddings and....where wouldn't they be cool. i think everyone should have one. i wanna get one. and one for chad, jack and kyle while i'm at it. you can get them here.

{image via}


what the blog.

i love finding unique things. things with character. things with color. things with great design.  creative things. happy things. and things a little weird.  i'm going to share them with you.  all the things i love.