see ya soon.

i am off camping in my trailer with my boys and some of my besties....but i will be back soon.

a vintage inspired postcard.  it's made of wood!  and yes...it's green.

update:  we are back.  very refreshed, tan and full of sand.


gurgle, gurgle.

one of these in coral please.  i heart them.  GurglePots™.  water pitchers that actually gurgle when you pour.  love, love, love them.  click here to hear it, and here to buy it.

these gurgling fish shape pitchers have been around for centuries, and now designer Matt Ellison has been able to design one for the now day.  thanks Matt.


painted can.

hmmmm.  i might have to make me one of these (probably in red). the first trash can ever that has made my must have list. 

i found this pic on this blog.  i was just looking through the posts and there it was. *smiling*


it's true you know.

it's always best to remind yourself what is most important in life. you can own a lot of stuff, but all it is is stuff. you can wear designer threads or have a pretty hairdo. but it's only a pretty picture. you know what makes you special. so remember who you are.

this is a limited edition print by the talented artist
Hazel Nicholls of the UK. i have been stalking her art prints for sometime now. simplicity...just what i like. 

cool chills.

one of the best places ever to find cool stuff is Fred & Friends.  i absolutely just love their ice cube trays.  here are just a few of the unique styles they sell.  give me one of each please.


mustache on a stick.

i have had a crush on these mustaches on a stick for like...forever. i think they are super fun and would be great for family pictures and parties and weddings and....where wouldn't they be cool. i think everyone should have one. i wanna get one. and one for chad, jack and kyle while i'm at it. you can get them here.

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what the blog.

i love finding unique things. things with character. things with color. things with great design.  creative things. happy things. and things a little weird.  i'm going to share them with you.  all the things i love.